Parental Waivers

1. Good Conduct: Members, players, family, friends, and children pledge to show respect, good conduct and sportsmanship at every Club activity by demonstrating positive support for all staff, players, coaches, and officials regardless of mistakes, ability, race, gender, creed, etc… BGC activities are intended to be positive experiences for children, so adults will model positive behaviors, refraining from negativity, profanity, fighting, and bringing alcohol and other illicit drugs to any events. Failure to follow basic rules of decency may lead to permanent suspension from BGC activities for the entire household. \
2. Hold Harmless: I give permission for my child to participate in BGC activities. The undersigned (or by electronic signature) parent or legal guardian agrees to hold harmless and releases against all liability costs or expenses for attorney’s fees and all incidental and consequential damages resulting to BGC from such claims, lawsuits or liens.
3. Medical: BGC’s employees and volunteers do not administer medication nor do they treat any medical condition. Since there are inherent risks in any physical activity, the responsible adults, and not BGC, are responsible for the medical condition and care of all their participants. It is important for parents and/or guardians to carry medical insurance on their participating children and adults. In the event the BGC is unable to immediately contact the parents or legal guardians during a perceived medical emergency, BGC has full permission to secure medical care and assistance for the child or participating adult, giving the physician full discretion to examine and treat. The responsible adult agrees to pay the costs of all such medical care. It is important for parents to update their contact information.
4. Media: BGC and related agencies have permission to use photographs, videos, or any other advertising medium, of the children and adult attendees of club programs, and BGC may give others permission to do the same. BGC may also conduct surveys.
5. Transportation:  You give permission for your child to ride in BGC vehicles, and also in extenuating circumstances, in a POV with permission of the Unit Director or Executive Director.
6. The Club is NOT a Licensed Daycare Facility: In other words, it is an open facility where children can come and go. Therefore, it is VERY important for parents to instruct their children about the importance of never leaving the club without your specific instructions.
7. Custody Battles and Protection Orders: As we are an open, private facility, we cannot get involved in custody issues or protection orders. If there is a threat you are concerned about, you may need to withdraw your child.
8. Theft Reimbursement: Your child is responsible for securing valuable items, and if they cannot be secured or carried, then we recommend your child not bring valuable items to the club because we do not reimburse for stolen items.
9. Messaging: You give permission for the Club to contact you through email, text messaging, voice messaging, phone calls, or by other means.
10. Grievances: First take any immediate concerns you may have to the Facility Director or Sports Commissioner, then to the Director of Operations, and then to the Executive Director. Their contact information is available on our website at
11. Covid-19 is a dangerous disease, especially for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.  By participating in Club activities children and adults may catch the disease and even spread it to others. Please assess your risks when choosing to participate in activities. By participating, you hold harmless the Club from all liability and harm that may arise from Covid-19 and all diseases.
12. Refunds: Because we charge so very little for our services, refunds are not given.